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Strengthening the unity of women in menopause 

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Tammy Brett


I am the co-founder of Sacred Change & have a huge passion to help women. I run conscious events and retreats in the beautiful hills of Hebden Bridge. I am a Energy Healer, Conscious Connected Breathwork facilitator, Reiki Master, Soul Coach and Integrative Counsellor.

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Joanna Barnes 


Joanna is the co-founder of Sacred Change. Joanna is passionate about helping women find their power throughout this time of great change. Joanna is also part of the wild women, hosting women's workshops, courses and retreats and is a shamanic womb healer. Joanna also creates and hosts a yearly holistic yoga festival as part of stone cold sober. 

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Lisa Cormode 

Tantric Yoga & Relaxation Coach 

A lover of expression - of body and mind - dancing for pleasure and exploring the body's capability to bring freedom and joy combined with an ever curious interest of the human condition; I embarked upon a deep-rooted relationship with yoga and meditation.

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Kristy Brett

QiGong Teacher 

I run conscious events in Hebden Bridge, littleborough and Todmorden. I am an Intuitive Energy Healer. I offer healing and energy raising practices. I work with Reiki, Samurai Shiatsu and Qi Gong techniques. I trained with Master Chunyi Lin in Spring Forest Qi Gong

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Ahisha Dasi

Voice Coach 

Having been walking the path of love and self healing for over a decade Ahisha has gained a vast knowledge of many modalities of healing and wellness from plant medicine to personal and transpersonal psychology, yogic practice and philosophy, voice and sound therapy, kirtan and devotional singing.

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Debs de Vries M.A.

Teacher &  Mentor

Debs is the UK’s “go to” mentor for the determined, creative and ‘out of the box’ thinking woman who is spinning her wheels at the midlife crossroads.  She mentors, guides and alchemically fast tracks spirited, determined women so they don’t waste time in ‘the twilight zone”. 

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Danielle Kay

Medical Herbalist BSc (Hons) MNIMH mANP mGNC

Danielle Kay is a medical herbalist based in east Lancashire who specializes in treating peri-menopause.  Over the years she has helped many women to successfully navigate their menopausal journey.  She believes that the menopause is a rite of passage to be honoured but also recognizes that it can be an incredibly turbulent and distressing time, with a diverse set of possible symptoms occurring as we venture into the unknown.  Her years of experience are now helping her through her own peri-menopausal journey. 

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Claire Kingsley

Drama Facilitator

After teaching Drama in High Schools for the last 15 years and running adult Drama workshops, I've come to the conclusion that Drama is Pure Magic! We all know it builds confidence like nothing else, but there's other wonders going on too. It can help us consciously or subconsciously confront and transmute trauma in a safe yet exciting way, harnessing our individual creativity and devising wonderful and imaginative theatre!




TRE & Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Ola is a trained Health Coach and is currently working for Social Enterprise in partnership with the NHS. She is trained in Advanced Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is advanced in her training to be TRE Practitioner (Tension Stress Trauma Release), focuses on somatic (body based) work, Motivational Interviewing and other tools from various trainings. Ola loves bringing people together and has runs weekend retreats and workshops in her free time including Female Empowerment, something that she is very passionate about. She brings safe space, warmth, care, compassion and empowerment in her work. 

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Dawn Devine

Aromatherapist & Massage Therapist

Dawn is a qualified massage therapist and became a qualified aromatherapist as Dawn wanted to incorporate the power of essential oils into my massage sessions. Essential oils are not just about the fragrance as they can work therapeutically on both the body, mind and soul.

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Andrea Clarke

Feminine Embodiment Coach & Practitioner 

I am a Feminine Embodiment Coach & practitioner of Holistic Pelvic Care (aka vagina massage) & my mission is to bring women into deep, reverent presence within their own sacred pelvic space. It's my belief that we can't really be grounded & feel safe in the body if we are not able to be present for ourselves within the pelvis & womb space. I love to empower those who I work with by guiding & facilitating this work rather "healing" them, because my view is "you are not broken & I am not here to fix you", but life has left it's marks & vulnerabilities & am definetitly here to show you how you can more through these & bring in more flow, whilst releasing the stuck, dark, negative shiz.

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Jenni Ren

Reiki Healer 

Jenni is a natural healer who is trained in Usui Reiki and Homeopathy. Down to earth, easy to talk to and full of integrity, she provides a calm and safe space for letting go of whatever is needed within the body, mind and spirit. Alongside energy healing, Jenni runs a vibrant community space in West Yorkshire ~ Enjoy Community Hub. Hosting home education workshops, tuition, events and circles, Jenni has a passion for bringing people together in community. At Sacred Change, Jenni will be offering Reiki energy healing. There will be space to offload a little, to be heard and held followed by a deep and relaxing healing session. Jenni will also be available to chat about Homeopathy and Home Education throughout the weekend, so come say hi!

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Annabel Newfield

Tantra Teacher

Annabel Newfield is a Tantra teacher with Shakti Tantra and her practice based in Manchester.  Her work has always specialised on working with women and taking them on the deep dive to be ALL that they truly are, following the path of pleasure.  Annabel is a baby crone, loving stepping into the next cycle of her life

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Phillipa Bailey

Visual Artist

Philippa Bailey is a visual artist living and working in Manchester primarily as a painter and performance artist as Frida Kahlo to promote inspirational women. Her specific interest with female identity and cultural fusions is reflected in her work.

She leads community arts workshops and also runs a weekly menopause Support Group in Fallowfield where she holds creative sessions as a tool to relax alongside conversation and resources.

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Dr Ailsa

Functional Medicine GP

Dr Ailsa Care is a holistic functional medicine GP and women’s health specialist working in a multidisciplinary functional medicine clinic.

She has worked in the NHS as a GP for almost 30 years, retiring from this role earlier this year to pursue her passion for practising holistic, personalised medicine.

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Suzee Tylee

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

Suzee Tylee is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist who trained with the very highly esteemed College of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol. Since completing her training 10 years ago she has developed her own established Clinic Nourish Lancaster in the North West of England where she currently delivers one to one 12 week Gut Transformation programmes to her clients based on the principles of Functional Medicine. These programmes are uniquely tailored for each client but they always have repairing the gut and restoring a healthy micro-biome as the main focus.

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Heidi Hinda Chadwick

Creative Life Coach

I am a Creative Life Coach and Storyteller, based in Manchester, UK. The foundations of my coaching are about understanding what is vital to us, what makes us feel alive, what we value, and why. It’s all about how to live a juicy and full life, the potency of living from a deep sense of wellbeing, alignment and freedom, whilst allowing ourselves to be vividly and wildly imperfect.

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Lynsey Tidbury

Women’s Wellbeing Consultant, Therapist & Trainer

Lynsey is a highly experienced therapist and trainer in the field of Emotional Wellbeing, Metaphysics, Solution Focussed Personal Development and Mindfulness.

She has been teaching and facilitating training for over 25 years, creating, and delivering innovative training materials and bespoke courses into the Education and Corporate sector.

Lynsey’s private therapeutic practice, Amazing Life, was born out of her passion to pioneer change in the field of Women’s healthcare, and she thrives off creating strategies for women that cultivate wellness, joy, and solutions to ageing well.

She also weaves Spirituality into her practice and is the founder of The Earth Spirit Tipi in Cheshire, where she facilitates circles, workshops, and empowerment groups for women.

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Clare Jackson

Holistic Therapist 

Clare trained in Arvigo Therapy in 2017 and specialise in Women’s health in particular relating to the menstrual cycle and the menopause after experiencing issues. Clare supports women with a range of symptoms from prolapses, vulvodynia, dry vagina issues, cystitis, irregular periods, ovarian cysts, painful periods, fibroids and endometriosis as well as conditions relating to fertility and the menopause.

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Paulina Griffin

Multi-Dimensional Healer

Paulina Griffin is a naturally gifted, high vibrational, Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer. She channels through her higher self Amora to bring about deep, loving and profound healing to her clients.  She is overlighted by the Seraphim Angels and her celestial team who bring in a serene blissful energy. 

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Nicola Lonsdale 

Wellness Specialist

Nicola is a women's wellness specialist 
Nicola trained as a Naturopathic nutritional therapist and Mizan therapist. She is working through her Embodiment yoga training and is trauma informed ( Yoga for Humankind). 
She works with women to support natural wellness through groups, cleanses, hair mineral analysis and naturopathy. Also works in circles and delivers workshops and retreats. 

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Lou Rothwell

Hair & Make Up Stylist 

Hello , my name is Lou, and I’ve been a professional hair and makeup artist for over twenty five years ,since graduating from the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup London , I have had the good fortune to work on a large variety of projects. 
I will be offering tricks of the trade help and advice with any problems you may want to discuss about hair or makeup x

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Lynette McFadden


My background is in dance & energy healing and holding space for women to discover and express the most radiant version of themselves is something I've been passionate about for almost 2 decades. I've been a licensed Chakradance Facilitator since 2017, trained with the founder Natalie Southgate, coach and guide new trainee facilitators across the globe and offer regular workshops

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Dr Zoe Hodson

Menopause Doctor

Dr Zoe  has been a GP for over 20 years and has always had a special interest in women's health. She now specialises in menopause care and loves the many facets of this that often need to be explored or unpicked at this time. As well as running a small private clinic she is involved in several community projects and is hoping to develop these further over the next few years.

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Jan Calvert


I’m a Homeopath, teacher, lecturer, researcher and reiki healer. I’ve worked with women during pregnancy and childbirth for 20 years and published research based on a project with local midwives using homeopathic remedies during birth. I enjoy leading workshops in homeopathy and first aid, remedies for travel, childhood ailments, homeopathy for women and living through the menopause. I have 3 children and a grandson and now combine teaching at a local college with a small homeopathic practise and spiritual work.

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Rebecca Heazell

Nutritional Therapist

Rebecca is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in Women's Health. She is passionate about helping with women at all stages of their reproductive lives,  to feel in control of their hormones and emotional wellbeing. She uses a functional medical approach, with based nutritional and lifestyle interventions to help women to prepare for and navigate the menopause.


She is a Co-Director of Manchester Wellbeing Rooms, a CIC offering accessible complementary therapies and educational programmes, including the menopause.

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Di Faulkner

Thai Massage Therapist 

Di is a teacher and practitioner with 25 years worth of experience, trained and studied with Dr Yan Prapas in Thailand. Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing art, originating in India, passed on by Buddhist Monks and still practiced medicinally in Thailand today. The technique is interative manipulation of the body, using pressure points and assisted stretching.

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Dr Indra

Functioning Medical Doctor

Dr Indra graduated from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School in 1997 and worked as an NHS GP until 2015 when she opened her specialist functional medical practice to provide personalised functional medicine consultations. Indra now has one of the few multi-disciplinary practices in the UK and her team comprises doctors, health coaches, nutritional therapists and a psychiatrist.  Indra's passion is helping her patients learn how they have got to where they have got to and what they can do to help themselves shift towards vitality. She loves supporting patients with complex medical needs, hormonal problems and gut issues. Her mission is to educate the world about functional medicine through her practice, community membership and free webinars.

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Anoushka Deighton


Annoushka is a fully qualified acupuncturist with 12 years experience specialising in Women's Health. She is passionate about how the integration of western and holistic medicine can work in tandem and how acupuncture can help support women through all stages of life. She is one of the directors of The Wellbeing Rooms CIC, who provide low cost therapies and programmes to the local community.

Jane Bartholomew


Jane has worked as a reflexologist and yoga therapist in Manchester for nearly 20 years. She has a specialist interest in supporting women through fertility and menopause. She is currently developing an educational menopause programme combining a range of therapies and information through her work as a director at The Manchester Wellbeing Rooms.


Julie Kirby

Bowen Practitioner

What is the best doorway to health and a good life lived? I have been exploring this question for 40 plus years. My conclusion is there are many doorways but Bowen can be such a profound reminder of what it is to fully occupy, be and move a body, your body, as well as integrate and connect you with all of you. From that place of being it is possible to calm the mind and have the energy to choose to really live. 
I am a mother, Bowen Practitioner, Nlp master practitioner and Nlp trainer.

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Faye Thompson

Nutritional Therapist

After working in the design industry for the last 25 years, Faye re-qualified as a BANT & ANP registered Nutritional Therapist last year in Manchester. After struggling with her own peri-menopausal symptoms she transformed her own life using nutrition and herbs and became inspired to help other women feel the same. She now specialises in women’s health and peri-menopause, using tailored programmes of nutrition, supplements, herbs and wellness advice as natural medicine, exploring the root causes of symptoms in individuals rather than treating peri-menopause as an illness. She offers one-to-one and group programmes and runs talks & events to educate women on how they can support not only their symptoms in the short-term, but also improve their long-term health.

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